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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by amadeo2099, Jan 4, 2005.

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    I've been recording home demos and working tapes as i'm going along writing new songs, day in day out, for a while now. I usually do the vocals and acoustic guitar live on one track, and sometimes (not always) overdub some piano, or percussion or somthing, depending on what the song needs. What I really woud love though, is to record the acoustic guitar and vocals simultaneously, but on separate tracks, (I use Cakewalk Guitar Tracks, but also have Cubase). Could anyone tell me the cheapest way to go about doing that? I only really need 2 inputs right? For 2 separate mics. But I know hardly anything about the hardware side of things when it comes to recording. I asked some guy at the music store (Sam Ash), and he automatically tried to sell me hundereds of dollars worth of stuff, which I don't don't believe should be the case. I'm not trying to do something complex, all I want is to separate mic inputs, to record on 2 separate tracks. Is it really that hard/expensive to do that?

    Ps. Thanks In Advanced For Your Help.
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    A basic computer soundcard has a mono mic input and a stereo (left & right) line input. Run both mics through a mixer\preamp (to get your signal up to line level) and out to the line input of your soundcard. Assign the left channel to track 1 and the right channel to track 2 (or whichever you preffer) in your software application. Panning left and right may be required with your mixer\preamp.

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