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  1. Here's the deal... I'm looking to upgrade my microphone and was originally gonna get the AT4047 but then I decided I needed something a bit more universal...

    Listen to the first track "Whatchu Doin" on my MySpace please:

    I need a microphone that everyone on that song will be using regularly. I spit first... I have the deepest voice... Ice (2nd) sounds like he hasn't been thru puberty yet. Here's what I need in a mic:

    -WARM, WARM, WARM: I dont want transparent mics (Keep the KSM) and it cant be harsh. I need something to help me filter out all of Ice's silibance EARLY

    -I like colored sound... think of Dr. Dre recordings... that old analog feel. I know that has to do with more than just the mic, but u get my drift. Something thick.

    -Budget: Around $500

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Keep in mind I'd be using this mic to make CLEAN recordings I would send to my engineer in NY to mix and master...
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    Sep 26, 2005
    Your cut sounds pretty good. If you are concerned about sibelence, why not just use a De-Esser, either hardware or software? If you want a warm sounding microphone, try the Electro-Voice Re20/27, Shure SM 7 and stay away from the condenser microphones. How about a ribbon microphone? Nady makes an affordable one.

    If the SM 7 is good enough for Michael Jackson, it's good enough for you.
    Ms. Remy Ann David

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