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Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by phantompower, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. phantompower

    phantompower Guest

    Hi everyone,
    I'm working on setting up a student-budget laptop studio. I'm using a g4 powerbook (1.33ghz) with 1.25gb RAM, running Logic Express 7, and using the Presonus Firepod. I want to graduate from mixing using earphones and the band PA (yeah you heard it right, lol). But, I have very little money. Inexpensive, small monitors i could use in my room are preferred, to mix with after I do the takes in my band's practice space. Here are some suggestions I've had,

    -Edirol MA7
    -M-Audio Studiophile DX4

    both of these run for around $200USD although I live in Canada
    Does anyone have any experience with these or other, similar products and wish to offer insight and advice? Thank you so much
  2. tonybran

    tonybran Guest

    i got the studiophile ones, not bad, not great either.....but no real complaints happy with em'
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