Please help me setup my daw

Discussion in 'Computing' started by mr_owen, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. mr_owen

    mr_owen Guest

    hi you guys

    i accidentaly found this forum and i think it's a great one.
    Could you guys help me to setup my daw?

    it's a relatively old system and certainly a very old sound card, but i don't have the money and i think these things could make a decent enough homestudio for me to play with :)

    so here's the hardware:

    p4 1.8 Ghz
    256 ddr ram
    don't know the motherboard brand (sorry)
    40gb Hdd
    geforce 3 titanium 200 64 Mb

    and the soundcard: guillemot maxi isis with breakout box.
    here's a link to the soundcard:

    a m-audio keystation 49es midi keyboard

    because of the soundcard, i have to install windows 98 to the system. i have 98 Se so that's no problem.

    Is it best to install as less as possible to the pc becoz i will only use it for recording?

    than for recording software, maybe first my intentions:

    - i play guitar and write my own songs
    - i've been a drummer for 9 years but i don't have drums anymore so they have to be software too.
    - i mainly play rock

    what i'm using now:

    - cubase sx and or cubase vst32
    - fruityloops with the drumkit from hell sounds to make the drumtracks

    i also have here sonar 4 PE but i haven't tried that one out yet.

    for the guitar; i will be buying a vox tonelab or a line6 pod in the really soon future

    so can you guys tell me or give me tips about what to install and stuff?

    thanks in advance !!!
  2. Cubase should work well for you.

    It's hard to tell how software programs will interact, so it is always safest to install the fewest programs possible on your audio computer.

    If you can, I would recommend purchasing more RAM, especially if you will be using software drums. Even another 256MB will make a big difference.
  3. mr_owen

    mr_owen Guest

    yeah i know, i will do so when i have a few bugs saved up.

    isn't there any other way to program drums than fruityloops?
    i have the drumkit from hell and it has all these wave files, txt files and fxp files. Isn't there anyway that i can program the drums in cubase like i do now in fruity loops?

    and what is the best way to make string sounds (for rock purpose that is?) i have read about halion?
  4. schizojames

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    Feb 15, 2005
    Home Page:
    If you want to program drum sequences, a cheap way would be to get "Drumatic" from This is a free VSTi (VST instrument) that you can play with Cubase and your midi keyboard. You just put it in your VST plugins folder(c:\program files\steinberg\cubase sx\vstplugins), start up Cubase *preferably SX*, then in a new or old project add a midi track, open "vst instruments" from the pulldown menu, select the drum machine you just downloaded on the first available slot, and then route the output of your midi track to Drumatic.
    Then play around with the sounds and read the SX instruction manual. This is a MUCH more powerful tool than fruity loops, if you take the time to learn it. :cool:

    Also, take unnecessary software off the compy, it will help. Also try to reduce the number of processes running at any given time. A free 30-day trial of system Mechanic will give you enough time to do this and some other things. If you want realism for drums and strings, you might try Reason. The latest version is tre expensive, but you can sometimes find an older copy that still has the serial.

    Hope this helps!
    InnerSpace Studio
  5. mr_owen

    mr_owen Guest


    i did everything you suggested, but i can't figure out how to input notes. As i see it, the drumtool you provided can change or enhance your tone, but how can i input notes?
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