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    So any way now down to my greatest concern of all. My brother in law just recently sent me a computer (DELL optiplex GX620)
    specs :Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.80 GHZ 3.80GHZ. 2gs of RAM64 bit OS..I have hyperthreading as well running windows 7.
    A Dell inspiron 4150 laptop. (just fixed it from a crash the day b4 i got the optiplex..that was fun..not)(1.8 GHZ and has a P4 . 256k of RAM.) How to xfer directly without going through the NEO or wirelessly? Further what is the best way for me to use these two computers regarding music editing and finalization. once i get Sonar X1? Will my optiplex run sonar efficiently by itself??? I am planning on recording everything thru the Tascam NEO 2488 then uploading via usb to the Optiplex for editing. Then to the 4150 inspiron as an ext HD? Does this seem right? (Saving for a macbook for next year with inc tax refund but need to get out product before then) Also any way to make both computers work off each other like a dual processor.. THATS NOT gonna jeapordize or compromise anything? I really like the optiplex and it will evcentually be my everyday may use it only for sonar and music apps. Dont want to mess it up. Overall what is my best option until i get macbook pro next income tax refund? Am i good until?
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    I already answered you in the DAW Pro Audio forum. Starting multiple threads on the same subject is not helpful.

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