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    OK I have a M-audio Delta 1010lt pci soundcard {8x8 unbalanced analog Ins/Outs,2 mic preamps or line inputs},Art Tube Mp project series/48v phantom power as my mic preamp,AKG perception 220 Condenser Mic.My question is, How do I set this up with least amount of hum noise, or any type of noise that will come from the mic input on my delta soundcard,which has a built in preamp,and the artube preamp? Because from my understanding is that if your run a microphone threw two preamps that increases hum noise. thx for your help
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    The 1/4" jack output of the Art Tube Mp Project is unbalanced, but can drive up to 20dBu. The line inputs of the Delta 1010LT are unbalanced and have a maximum input of about 14dBu when the board is set to the +4dBu range. So if you connect these two, you have a potential overdrive of 6dB. Despite this, I suggest that you try this route, manually limiting the output level of the Art so as not to overload the input of the Delta 1010LT. You will need a mono (TS) jack to RCA (phono) screened cable.

    This route does not constitute running the signal through two pre-amps, as the high-level inputs on the 1010LT do not have microphone pre-amps. If this seems to work OK, I would consider buying or building a 6dB attenuator to insert in the line from the ART to the Delta to allow you to use full wick on the pre-amp.

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