please help... problems with 3/4 outs on a Delta 44!!

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by NitrousBurnOut, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. Hi... New to the forum and somewhat new to digital audio recording., I'm looking for help with an M-Audio Delta 44 card.

    I want to hook up 2 pairs of speakers to the analog outs on the Delta 44 (pair of studio monitors & set of home stereo speakers), but for some reason I only get sound on the first two outputs WAVout 1/2, and no sound at all on 3/4.

    Has anybody else had this problem with a Delta 44?

    I've tried M-Audio tech support but they haven't been too helpful so far... In fact, they don't even answer my question: "Is this possible?" I figure it *must* be possible, otherwise, why four outputs?

    Anyway, my fader levels are all up, I've downloaded the latest drivers and HW out ½ is set to Monitor Mixer. For the most part everything works well, no pops & clicks (until I get way up in CPU usage) and I can get 4 simultaneous signals going INTO the card no problem.

    BTW- This isn't solely a problem in my multi-tracking software configuration(which is N, rather it seems to be a Windows (XP) thing, because I can't get any ouput in 3/4 period. No mp3 playback, no wavs in other programs, no Windows sounds, nothing...

    If anybody has experience with these cards, I would appreciate the help. Thanks.
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    You have to switch the outputs on n-track to 3/4. The defualt for most programs for the delta 44 is stereo out which only sends out to 1/2. I haven't used n-track but there should be a way for your to switch the signal in n-track so that is comes out of 3/4. If this doesn't help I'll research n-track and tell you exactly how to do it. This should get you started though.

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