please help. question involving my triton studio

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by luke911, May 31, 2005.

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  1. luke911

    luke911 Guest

    please help. question involving my triton studio

    i mapped out all my samples on every key of the keayboard.
    i created and saved a drum kit in global drum kit.

    the help file says you need to save your created drum kit to a program for it to work in when your done creating and saving drum kit in global mode. you have to click program mode......once you do save your kit in program mode to a program.

    it says...when you press program mode you will still be on the current program you have been lissening too.....

    the problem i'm having acurrs when i click program mode after doing everything the help file said to do. when i switch from gobal mode too program dosn't play the drum kit i created like the korg help file said it should?

    it plays a synth sound instead of my drum kit.

    when i saves the synth sound.

    after i save.....i cant find my drum kit in program mode. or sequence mode.

    is their something i am missing? i dont know what is wrong.

    could someone please reply with help. thanx. i really need help.
    i have been trying to fix this for so long. i cant find any info with in the triton manual involving my problem.

    thanx. much love for all who takes time too help.
  2. luke911

    luke911 Guest

    anyone here that own or have worked with a triton that could help me with my problem? please help me.

  3. beanstalk40

    beanstalk40 Guest


    Ask this question at in the forums...

    It is a site dedicated to KORG products and you should be able to get answers there.



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