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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by shredz, Jun 8, 2005.

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    Jun 8, 2005
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    well from reading these forums Im in the same place many of u have been in...I need an interface for my pc (P4, winxp) to record original music...all help is greatly appreciated! Heres what I want to achieve:

    -I have one adat that i will use so I can be compatible with a friends bigger studio (3x adats, 24 tracks).
    -I need adat i/o w/sync so I can transfer to my pc 8 tracks at a time (max 24) for editing/mixing.
    -I want something with midi (more ports better) to save buying a separate interface.

    Ive done much research on the net, here are some choices: frontier design, RME, pci better than FW or USB...HELP HELP PLEASE...of course budget IS an issue, around $500 or so??? Hopefully many of u have had hands on experience with these cards/boxes...
  2. Antho

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    How about the M audio firewire box

    Or there's an edirol one aswell..can't remeber the name..should be at the site...

    The converters (chips that convert analouge to digital and back again) are not up there with the likes of RME, but I was happy with my audiopile and delta's for quite a long time...

    The price is ok to...

    If I could think of another way to incorporate midi with the adat thing...I'd mention it!

    There's also the RME multiface,

    in fact that might be the best option I can think of...but it may come in above budget with the PCI interface...

    I'm certain there will be some older units that might be more within budget...
  3. TeddyG

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    Jan 20, 2005
    Yeah... 500, I don't know? But, at least check-out Lynx, for your needs. They make some things that sould be right up your alley...

    If you can afford it(It's not neccessarily completely out of line, price-wise.), you will like everything about it. The Lynx stuff is as pro as you can get. An email to them, or a visit to their forums, even a phone call, with your needs description will get you some help in deciding...


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