please help with fostex fd 8?????

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by the_licker, Mar 19, 2006.

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    i just bought a used fostex fd 8. i have no knowledge of digital recorders. my band has used the tape 4 tracks, which i was quite used to. i've spent a ton of time reading and playing with the
    multi-tracker. the manual just goes over my head. i cant understand how to record on 8 separate tracks.
    i know to record with the input select switches on input. for playback it goes to track#...
    i've recorded on most tracks. i've noticed on tracks 1 thru 4 i can record tracks separatly however when i record on 5 thru 8 those tracks ping pong or bounce onto each other. how do i record stand alone tracks and hear previous tracks as well? i can record , say track 6 without any bleeding from the other tracks only if i turn down all other tracks. that cant be the way i must record. when recording i need to hear the previous track to play off that track. how do i record one track at a time?
    does the 7th and 8th track have something to do with it? i know they have their own moniter select switch so that tells me i may need to plug into them to record all other tracks?

    any help will be greatly appreciated. i am dieing to record on this thing.
    if anyone knows of great how to guides on the net that speaks on a "dummie" level for me a link would also be of help. thanks guys....! :cool:
  2. purebloom

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    Read, then re-read your manual. It has all of the answers.
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