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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by ghamal, Dec 10, 2007.

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    Hello all. I just found this great forum while trying to help a friend that wants to build a voiceover studio. I work at a post house and have higher end gear and I'm not too knowledgeable of the gear he is aiming for in his budget ($5K to $8K) Basically he wants to have a simple but professional sounding setup that can record 2 microphones at a time max. I've told him to buy or build a good small VO booth like a whisper room. I'm currently considering the following equipment list for him:

    - PC-based (his tech guy that will maintain the room is more of a PC guy)

    - ProTools LE

    - Mbox2 Pro ( not sure if there are better alternatives like M-audio?)

    - Two AT-4040s (would really love some suggestions as I love using my Sennheiser 416 for voiceovers and would love to find something affordable that sounds like it - maybe the RODE NTG-2?)

    - Grace 101 Pre-amp (is this really needed or are the MBox Preamps adequate?)

    - Headphone amp

    - Old cheap Mackie mixer for monitoring & extra inputs

    - KRK 5s monitors (open to suggestions)

    - Headphones - I like the Sony MDR-7506 but there might be better choices out there

    What do you think? Would especially like any warnings on the choice to use a PC. I use a mac and have no experience with ProTools on a PC.
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    Rather than getting the MBox, what about a pci interface unit without pre-amps such the E-MU 1212m. That unit has excellent converters, provides for two 1/4" inputs plus S/PDIF and ADAT. The Grace pre-amp could connect to that interface, removing any pre-amp duplication.

    What type of extra inputs might you need a mixer for? It might be better to get something like the Behringer ADA8000 unit which provides 8 pre-amps with ADAT connectivity. He could bypass the built-in pre-amps (using the line-in jacks) if he bought extra better quality pre-amps (e.g. an FMR RNP two channel unit which is about $500) to complement the Grace pres.

    You might also look at Sonar or Cubase instead of Protools.
  3. ghamal

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    Thanks Hummel

    I will look into the E-MU 1212m. I'm going with ProTools because it's what I know and I'm comfortable with.

    The mackie mixer would be for monitoring and routing analog sources like cassettes, mini recorders (believe it or not some people still need that) and maybe a phone patch.
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    If you are committed to Protools, then I think you will be limited in your hardware choices to M-Audio and Digidesigns. That might not be the most cost-effective but, your call (obviously :)).

    I understand about the other sources but I wonder if a mixer is the best interface. Wouldn't most of your other sources offer line-outs or S/PDIF outs? If so, you could go directly into a unit such the 1212m, 1616M, Firepod, etc. If you use a mixer, you would still need to us a line out from the cassette player, etc. and then the output from the mixer would just connect to a line in. Hard to see what is gained over a direct connection.

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