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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by JoaoSpin, Aug 19, 2016.

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    Jan 16, 2011
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    Hi guys and gals,
    I've just painstakingly finished production on my band's EP. I'm sending the soundcloud link (btw 320mp3) so you guys can lend me your trained ears. I'd say we had a few setbacks, one being that this was one of the first times I miced a drumkit and I know I could've done a better job. I consider that I had a bit of a problem on track 3, because I used a cheap tele whose harshness made everything else harder to get into balance. I did the mastering myself, and might have rushed through it just a bit... I might do a remaster when we print the physical copies. Have a listen if you can and let me know your thoughts. I'll be glad to share my setup if anyone is curious.
    Have a great week,
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    That Soundcloud link isn't working for me. For more in-depth advice you should upload the mp3 directly to this site. Some people have an aversion to clicking on links. For me it's a matter of being able to download the file and manipulate it in various ways. Also, Soundcloud does their own data compression. You can upload wave files to avoid compressing an already compressed file.
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    At the bottom right hand side of your screen, just to the right of the "post reply" button, is the "upload a file" command. Click on this; it will open the directory of your hard drive, and you can then select which file you want to upload. RO's player will support up to 320kbps. The higher the res you choose, the longer it will take, so be patient.

    Along with Boulder's comments regarding some of our members being hesitant to download anything from outside links, SC is also notorious for hurting fidelity by adding lossy artifacts to music files.

    You're more likely to get listeners here if you upload directly to your post.
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    I can't play the song with soundcloud either.. I'm not sure I'd want to anyway.. most of the time the HF are scrumbled through compression so much... not my choice of sharing audio...

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