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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Aaron-Carey, Feb 16, 2001.

  1. Aaron-Carey

    Aaron-Carey Active Member

    Dec 25, 2000
    usually response is very fast from SS employees, but lately there are a couple of threads getting real popular, with no attention whatsoever.
    Please could we hear your thoughts on these.

    Issue one is a host based app, built around the mixtreme cards. You guys would make the best one IMHO, it goes without saying. But it hasnt been made yet, so Im saying it :)

    Issue two is the (mostly) idle DSP we got sitting on our cards. We need two things.

    1: The SDK for making our own plugs

    2: A Soundscape to DX/VST adapter, so we can use the card's DSP in host based apps.

    Here are some quotes from your users: Please go take a look at this forum'

    "the direct x and the VST SDK's are free.
    Sorry monopoly tools, and soundscape, this is the way its going. DSP plugs are GREAT, but if the plug you need isnt available, you suddenly understand the popularity of host based systems.
    Not that this mixtreme card isnt rock solid as all hell and worth it without the dsp :)

    Please make the SDK available

    The true ass kicker would be a SS to DX/VST adapter, where the SS stuff showed up in your direct x plugs in your host based app! that would truly accelrate EVERYTHING!!!!
    Please you KNOW you can do this.

    If it is politics that holds it up, than I say to HELL with you.

    This is something your users WANT
    this is something your users NEED
    this is something your competition cant offer
    Lets go!


    "I agree.
    Although I couldn't do it, Soundscape you are MAD not to act while you have the interest from people who would program plugs. Especially when there is currently a shift away from Pulsar 3rd party development due to their greed.
    It is amazing these companies don't see what it could do for them if they made their SDK freely available.
    Sure Soundscape could make it available at a considerable cost, interest would subside and attention drawn to another card, or, they could REALY ROCK THE BOAT and make free SDK. 3rd party developers would flock and sales would sky rocket.
    Instead some out of touch company suite says "no why should we give it away when we spent so much money on it" and the card becomes another piece of junk.

    Mixtreme SDK

    Assuming the SDK would run with a PC based 56K cross-compiler, I'd be interested in purchasing an SDK also if the priceagreements were within reason.

    More reasonably pricedplug-inswould, in my opinion, make the Mixtreme a lot more attractive to a lot of potenential users. Even if they aren't quite of Lexidrawmogee quality. Some interestingunique plugs could be created for the Mixtreme DSP if the tools were more available. Hell, the 56K would have enough oomph to be a virtual synth with some nicely crafted code.

    How about it guys? Mixtreme still has a big advantage many decent "sound" cards still don't have even though it's design a few years old. I'm convinced it would sell many, many Mixtreme units.

  2. Aaron-Carey

    Aaron-Carey Active Member

    Dec 25, 2000
    Also, there are two other issues

    1 : a Mixtreme version of expander. People are asking for this, but if you made the plugin SDK available..LOTS of people would be asking for this

    2 : The requirement that you connect two mixtreme cards together via a TDIF cable in order for them to share audio. Lame
    There goes HALF of my audio I/O!!!! Bogus
    Please find a way around this!
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