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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by darryl-marlin, Jan 27, 2005.

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    hi there, i have just bought a little mackie desk (cr 1604) but am a little confused which is the best way to hook it up to my pc.... so far my gear consists of...

    creative sound card with stereo inputs..... phono.

    mackie cr 1604

    pair behringer b2's

    alesis mk1 monitors and matched amp

    what i am confused about is whether to have my soundcard output running through the desk then to my amp and monitors so i can control the output via the desk and how would i do that??


    something else (which i have no idea about!)

    you will have to forgive me, i am a newb at this so any help would be amazing...

    just glad i found this site!!

    many thanks darryl
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    If you really want help, try posting with a more specific subject title. Ask focused and specifc questions. Screamming for help like a little kid doesn't inspire anybody to go out of their way to reply...
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    I would suggest you download a manual for your mixer from mackie and read it. They will likely have plenty of examples of differrent options for hooling things up.
  4. well thats a nice welcome to the site... i see you are a mod too..... i thought you would have guessed i am a complete beginner at this.... i dont even know the title of the specific question i should be asking... i am sorry if i offended you.
  5. ghellquist

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    May 25, 2004
    My few cents on this. There are probably better ways, but I would suggest the following.

    1 - connect the out from your sound-card to a channel on the mixer.
    2 - connect the aux channel (is there one?) from the mixer to the in of your sound card.

    Now to play back things, set the level on the mixer.

    Now to record, with monitoring:
    a) connect the mic
    b) turn up the aux send on the mic (sending to the sound card for recording).
    c) mix output from the computer with the mic for pleasurable results

    Hope this helps as explanation. Experimenting is the best way to find out how to do.


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