Pls. help me with setup issue Keyboard/MG 10/2/ Audigy 2ZS

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    I am new to this forum and I think I posted my question in the wrong category last night. My probelm really is a digital set one.

    I would welcome some set up help. I have an audigy 2Zs and Yamaha MG 10/2 and a Keyboard. At one time I had it set up and working properly but I had to disconnect the setup. And now I cannot get the proper connection again!. I am running the home version of Cake Walk....

    I checked out the Audigy through diagnostics and everything PASSED (and the speaker test worked fine). And all of the control panel volumes are OK [nothing is muted].

    My notes say : 1. Mainouts (on MG 10/2) to computer [ I have the mainouts connected to the Line Out 1 Jack (or the green jack) on the Audigy {the speakers would not successfully give the audible LEFT SPEAKER/RIGHT SPEAKER test responce in any of the other jacks when I did the Audigy diagnostics}

    2. And Control room (on the MG 10/2) to speakers. 3. Line in 3/4(on MG10/2 mixer) to keyboard and Line In 5/6 (on the MG 10/2) for computer output [ that one is in the digital output jack] and the Mic to XLR.

    I cannot get Cake Walk to respond at all.. It will play back earlier recordings. I have adjusted the volume; made sure that an input device has been chosen for the digital track and the othr trouble shooting suggestions. Can you help? Do I have it set up correctly? Please help, I have to recording to do ASAP.

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