pls, I need some help on home rec...yep another newbie :)

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by gmontes, Jul 18, 2004.

  1. gmontes

    gmontes Guest

    Hello guys, well this is my first post on RO, and let me tell you that I'm impressed with this site...very usefull information.

    Well I just want some advice on home recording let me show you the picture:

    things to record:
    - bass, two guitars, vocals (2 or 3). right now we dont have a drummer but we might have one later.

    - powered mixer PEAVEY XR684
    (something similar to this:
    - A pair of EON1500 JBL speakers
    - PC
    - Home Mini-Stereo

    These are the questions:

    1. Right now we are not using any amps, so we are conecting all the instruments and mics directly to the mixer, does this have any disadvantage?, I fear the bass may damage either the mixer or speakers....what would you recomend?

    2. The way we are recording right now is using the line out from the mixer to the aux input of the stereo, we couldn't come up with a better solution, is there something else we can do to improve the quality of the recording? (our budget is very very low so take that in mind).

    3. Is there any drums simulator (talking about software of course) that you con recomend, I though we can use one of those in the meantime.

    I was thinking in buying a SoundBlaster Extigy sound card, so we can use it with a laptop to do the recording, but I heard this is not a good card for recording, so I'm doing extra researching, right now we are recording on a tape using the mini-stereo component, but would love to record directly to a digital media, is there somehitng cheap you can recomend for this.

    I'm sorry if the post got to large but I'm excited with this site and I have a lot of questions to make, so I'd appreciate any any comments on any of the questions.

    Thanks guys...c ya!
  2. kostein

    kostein Guest

    I recommend staying away from Soundblaster cards if you are interested in recording. In order to give you proper advice we have to know how big (or small) your budget is.
  3. gmontes

    gmontes Guest

    well my budget is only of near $500 (actually is under that amount =( ), I wish I could have more when it comes to music, but unfortunely I can't right now. but please just tell me something you think is "good" and cheap, I hope I can save more money and maybe later got enough.

    but anyway I would like the recording to sound the best it can when the budget I have.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer.
  4. newbiekid

    newbiekid Guest

    you might want to try and get a used standalone multitrack recorder... I have an old Boss Br-8 and i used it for EXACTLY the same thing that you are doing. you could either go with track by track or record "live" using your mixers line out to the recorder. I would think the quality would be better than what you are currently doing by a long shot especially if you record track by track. A lot of these recorders have built in instrument preamps so you can connect directly to it without any worries and it sounds pretty good i have to admit. By the Way, i wouldn't recommend connecting the instruments directly to the mixer, chances are you won't screw anything up but still, it's not a good practice. Look into getting some inexpensive DI's. Good Luck with everything!

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