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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by prima_luce, Dec 8, 2002.

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    hey guys, this is my second msg since my so called crime of flooding. I apologise for that. To restate what i said - we're a young band starting out just saved up enough money to get our first song recorded. And we'd love to hear what you expert producers / music listeners think. To download or stream it go to http:// or go to and click on amy phillips (our song is there bc we had the same producer). Anyway tell me what you think - I hope you enjoy it!
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    Oct 5, 2000
    Stick this in the right place and I might give it a listen.
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    Jul 2, 2002
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    Prima_Luce ,
    e-cues comment may sound like a rude suggestion but what he is referring to is; you should post this in the Audio Projects-Streaming - critique etc. page of this same forum. Click on forum home at the top right of any page and you will find it on the screen that comes up. I noticed your multiple posts last night and saw the replies you received... it will take a while but I'm sure you will get into the spirit of things here at RO.. we're all really a nice bunch here. Re-post on the correct page and I'm sure you will get some responses ...................... Fats
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