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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by MMH, Feb 12, 2005.

  1. MMH

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    I have a brand new Pro Tools LE 6.7 on a G5 with Mac OS10. I need advice on which eq, dynamics and reverb plugins to buy among the ones listed below. Or alternative ones.

    My budgeted is limited. Please help.

    How is the Focusrite (Forte Suite) channel strip plug in?
    How are the bundles listed below?

    Sony Oxford Eq
    Filter Bank
    Focusrite d2
    URS S series

    Bomb factory, classic comp
    Bomb factory, classic comp bundle
    Bomb factory, Fairchild (tube limiter)
    Bomb factory, Slightly rude compressor
    Compression bank
    Sony Oxford Dynamics
    Focusrite d3
    Smack LE

    TL Space
    Altiverb V 5

    Renaissance Maxx
    Wave Arts power suite


  2. rudedogg

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    sony oxford eq is IMO the best plugin eq you can get for the money. i've used waves/focusrite/joe meek/digirack and the oxford just seems a little nicer, i can't put my finger on it, but my mixes have been sounding much better since i started using it.

    i like the bomb factory comps a lot too. the sony dynamics is not really that special, but the inflator is really cool.

    i can't really comment on anything else that you listed, but you might think about a good outboard eq if you're planning on spending that much money on plugins. or something like the vintech x73i that has a built in eq, i have not used it, but have had some friends recommend it to me.

  3. MMH

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    Thanks for the info

    Have you ever used, or heard of, the Studio Pak of UAD.

    It is quite a good bundle for money. How does it compare to what I listed in my first post?

    Thank you in advance


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