Plug In Problems with a Mac?

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  1. So here is my dilemma. Let me start off with what I already own and then I'll move on to my question.

    MacBook Pro Os X 10.5.3 (waiting til Pro Tools LE updates to 10.5.4 to update)
    2.4 GHz Intel Core Duo
    2 GB 66 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
    Macintosh HD Startup Disk

    MBox2 Pro
    M Audio keystation 61 es

    Pro Tools LE 7.4.3
    Amplitube 2

    Basically I'm trying to acquire some virtual instrument plug ins that could help at my house without having to have my actual drum kit, guitar rig, etc......... I downloaded Amplitube 2 but so far everytime I open it as a plug-in my virtual memory goes haywire and I am asked to increased the CPU limit or H/W buffer size even though I am at the max. I'm a newb when it comes to plug-ins so it could be that amplitube is notorious for eating memory on laptops and I just need to run another less memory hungry one. So far I know that I want to run some sort of Guitar FX/Cab simulator plug in, a drum machine, piano, and possibly some strings. I'm not sure if that's realistic considering all I have is my laptop. I have to admit I thought once I bought a mac laptop all my problems would be solved but it's proven to be a task in itself. I looked into optimizing the performance to utilize all my computers resources but I'm not 100% what that would involve me doing.

    Anyway, if anyone can offer any assistance or suggestions as to what I can do or what programs I can get I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks in advance!!!
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    PTLE 7.4.2 (no 7.4.3 yet) approved for 10.5.4 already.

    You need more RAM. Not sure what the max RAM is for your laptop, but either 3-4 GB.... fill it up.

    Hope you are using an external firewire drive with PTLE...... it doesn't like using the system drive for sessions (projects). Especially when your system drive is 5400 RPM stock drive.

    You need to check each one of your sampled libraries website to see if they will work with your current upgrades.... can cause major problems with errors and CPU maxing out if not updated.

    Go here:
  3. I'll look into putting some more RAM into my computer. I did this myself to a Dell computer I had before but I think a laptop would be more difficult. Right now I'm using an external firewire drive to store all audio, fade, etc files. I do have access to a Glyph Hard dive but I think this one has been working pretty good. Thanks for the reply!
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    Just to double check - Are you recording/editing/mixing on an external firewire drive? PT does not work well on the drive on which the OS and PT software resides.
  5. Yup. I am using a MyBook external firewire drive. As stated above I also have an external Glyph hard drive.

    UPDATE: I purchased the 4gb of RAM and ran the Amplitude plug ing again. This time it ran a lot smoother but it would cut off now and again. Depending on how much I toy around with settings and which pedals I use sometimes it will still quit altogether. Any ideas????
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    Yes, just load the sample sounds you need to use at the time.
    Also, the My Book is Western Digital.. nothing wrong with the drive itself... but the controller in the My Book will have the drive go to sleep and PT won't like that.
    Don't use USB
    The digidesign website forum is down right now, I think you can search and view but you cannot post.
    Go through the trouble shooting setups.

    There may be one single plugin that's causing this... that's not yet qualified with newer version of PT.
    You might try moving all the plugs into a temp folder and putting them back one at a time to find out which one it is..
  7. yea, so hopefully someone is still reading this post because im having the same problem

    im running cubase sl3
    on a macbook pro with 4 gigs of ram, and it has a 7200 rpm hard drive in it.
    im using an m-audio jam lab, to connect my guitar to the computer

    my problem is that i have to set the buffer so hi that i get so much latency that its impossible to record.
    and i cant run more than one track that is tied to amplitube.
    any idea?
    things i need to do to fix this,
    i bought this program because i couldnt bring my amp to college, and here i can't even record now.
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    Are you using the M-Audio ASIO driver?

    devices/device setup/VST Audiobay.

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