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    i just got finished a fun live session, on my trusty porta studio, using regular soft ear plugs. anyway its an hour later. i'm thinking about how often i need to re-new a custom pair of plugs. when i get a set, how often do i need to update i guess every 5 yrs avg?
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    re plugged up

    I'd suggest getting some of those rubber plugs at the music store for around $25. They sound great, and you can wash them with hot water and soap. 5 years and counting for mine.
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    The silicone in ear plugs does not last forever. You should cycle them every 6-12 months for both hygiene and fit purposes. You can periodically soak them in hydrogen peroxide as well-say once a week or whenever you can visibly see ear was. These plugs can stretch out your ear canals as well as be mildly to obnoxiously uncomfortable across a four hour show.

    The foam plugs should be tossed in the trash about ever other day as there is no way to clean the grime and wax off of them. There are various densities and if I use these I generally go for the "sleep aid" versions which are quite soft.

    You can get custom plugs that are molded to your ears and these are the best option of all. They should be replaced for a full grown adult (25 and older) about every three years to keep up with changes in the ear canal shape and size.

    If you are in a very loud environment or you are the MON position right behind a sub stack then I recommend (and use) double hearing protection. This means in ear plugs as well as muffs. For this I don't use my electronic shooting muffs because they aren't as effective and it just wears out the electronics trying to keep up with the music.

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