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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by audiokid, Feb 19, 2002.

  1. audiokid

    audiokid Chris Staff

    Mar 20, 2000
    BC, Canada
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    Cool, what categoies are there?

    Compressors, Limiters,

    I'm rushing out the door, please add to this ..
  2. audiokid

    audiokid Chris Staff

    Mar 20, 2000
    BC, Canada
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    hmm, second thought, maybe this is not a good idea. Just keep it all under plugins. one forum for all, no category yet anyway and lets see what happens.

    It would be cool to get 4 moderators for this.
  3. These would be my suggestions for categories:
    Time Delay/Reverb
    EQ/Frequency Related
    Editing Related
    Amp Sim/Distortion
    Platform Comparison (ex. VST vs. Direct X)
    I would see these as useful once the ball gets rolling, and would be happy to see these added to. What all is involved in being a moderator? My internet access is somewhat spotty as I just moved my computer to the studio.
    Cheers, Doc.
  4. Irene

    Irene Guest

    What about soft synths/samplers/sound generators?

  5. pan

    pan Guest

    Do we need to cathegorize? This is such a wide field going from musical to scientifical applications...let's hear what the mastering/film- folks use as well as wich dynamic filter freaks out the techno-programmer in his little space!

    We would need "cathegories" for platforms though, as Doc mentioned - the platform one is referring to should become clarified within the topic!

    One moderator for each platform :confused:
    As there are: VST DirX Premiere Audiosuite RTAS TDM...and err...?

  6. audiokid

    audiokid Chris Staff

    Mar 20, 2000
    BC, Canada
    Home Page:
    Hi, lets start out small, just this forum for now but you are right, this could become a very large area with a few mods involved!. I think it will be more interesting than the products.
  7. Ok! Let´s start with the first question.
    I´m using Logic 4.7.3 on a dual 450 Mac. My setup doesn´t consist of any outboard at all basically, so I use Logic plug ins and Waves 3.0 for all my processing. Mostly I use Waves for compressors reverb, eq etc, but for more experimental sounds I use some of the logic plug ins such as autofilter, spectral filter, bit crusher etc. Now I wonder if anyone has used the Sidechain option in the ES1 with any interesting/useful result.
    Any ideas? :eek:
  8. Doublehelix

    Doublehelix Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 2001
    I have been out of the country (actually I was in Florida, but it just *seemed* like I was out of the country) for about 8 days with no Internet access!!! <Gasp!> :) many options, but where to start??? Maybe one way to slice and dice it is to create topics on how they are used...for example: Mastering vs. channel insert effects...or effects vs. processors (I just read a great article about that which I will post for discussion as a separate thread).

    I would love to see a discussion on where effects should be used...insert points vs. effects buses (that will be part of my separate post...).

    How about some plug-in presets that we have come up with that work in specific situations. We could use those as starting points in our own work. Obviously, there are lots of opinions and options, which is great for us as end users!

    How about plug-in order? Gate first, then compress, then EQ, then reverb? or vice versa???

    How about dithering techniques and choices??? This was a topic that got started elsewhere here in the middle of some other discussions.

    Lots if ideas!!! Let's get rolling!!!
  9. zap221

    zap221 Guest

    Why not create 3 catagories; creation, enhancement and restoration.

    Thank You...zAp221
  10. Ang1970

    Ang1970 Well-Known Member

    Sep 5, 2000
    I would keep all the misc. plug in topics right here under one forum. Anything that gets into specific platforms can be posted under that DAW's forum. If we start getting 1000 posts a day here, maybe start by breaking it down into VST, DX, TDM, etc.
  11. I agree! Let´s start under one forum. The most important thing is to get the discussion started, then we will se what different issues might come up and start new forums accordingly.
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