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    Hi All,

    I am actually planning to buying a few things for my studio - mostly plugins. However I think I need some advice.

    I haven't yet bought any plugins, I only have what comes with Cubase SL 3, plus lots of free ones. The music I am recording is contemporary worship music (think Hillsong or Planetshakers if you have heard of either of those). So basically full band - drums, electric bass, keys, piano, guitars (electric and acoustic), and lots of vocals.

    My current hardware includes the Fireface 400, a Groove Tubes brick (valve preamp), an Audio Technica 3035, and KRK RP5s. Oh and a Mackie VLZ 1202 (not the pro). I also have access to 2 × AKG C1000, 2×Mann M11 (small diaphragm condenser), Audix D series drum mics, Shure Beta 52 kick mike, and an Allan and Heath Mixwizard.

    Anyway I think what I need is a good reverb (e.g., IK Multimedia CSR) and a vocal tuning package (probably melodyne UNO) because none of the singers are pros and we don't have forever to do the recording. I guess the other important plugins would be a good compressor and EQ ( UAD?).

    So would people recommend CSR - or is there a good alternative? Also if you wanted to get a compressor plugin and an EQ which would they be? Something on the UAD? Or perhaps one of the ones from Waves?



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