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Discussion in 'Vocals' started by Caisson, Mar 29, 2005.

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    Does anyone in here have a standard that they go by or a pattern that they follow when recording vocals. examples........

    track-> compress-> gate-> de-ess-> EQ->

    basical what pattern do you use after recording your vocals....or does it change along with every take.

    I compress going in, and then I'll compress with the software, and then I might qate or use a noise reducer and then mabye EQ....
  2. I typically record my tracks dry to tape, then bring them back through again to add anything that would be in my inserts. Typically, that insert would proceed as "Preamp" --> "Gate" --> "Compressor" --> " De-esser" (if needed badly, I try take care of most problems with the EQ). Then I just use the channel EQ, 4-band semi-parametric (no Q filter), to adjust from there. 99% of the time I have all but the De-esser in there. I use a De-esser as a last resort since that's a digital conversion for me most of the time.

    Brian Altenhofel

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