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  1. I'm a new user, not sure where this question should go.

    I'm a piano major in school and would like some sort of small portable microphone to record my piano playing mostly for personal critique. But I don't want to spend money on some crappy mic that can barely do decent voice recording.

    I'd like to use the mic with my mp3 player, I have an Iaudiox5 ((Dead Link Removed)). Hopefully the mic is small enough to hold in my hand, so I can carry it around easily in my backpack.

    I'm looking in the price range of under $200.

    I've been looking at a few already, but I just don't have any experience with recording so I don't know which one would be good.

    I've been looking at the
    Sony ECM-DS70P Electret Condenser Stereo Microphone http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00006HOLL/?tag=recording.org-20

    and the

    Olympus ME-51S Stereo Microphone

    and the
    Sony ECMMS907 Digital Recording Microphone

    does anyone have any experience with these or other similar microphones? I can't seem to find anything that really is that expensive. Just curious if there are better portable mics out there and I'm looking in the wrong places or if one of these might work well. I would like the best quality I can find with this small size. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I can't see any evidence that the Iaudiox5 has an input for an external microphone, at least, it doesn't seem to mention one in the specifications.

    If there really is a mic input and it has "plug-in power", then the electret mics you list would do an adequate but not particularly great job for the task you are talking about. The MS907 has the option of an internal battery.

    I would suggest going for a mic on a lead as it gives you greater flexibility of positioning.

    You don't say where you are located, but if you are in Europe, the Vivanco EM216 is cheap, very small and works surprisingly well. However, I don't think it's available in N America.
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