Power ampifier for Yamaha NS10M

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by Moses, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. Moses

    Moses Guest

    I am looking to buy a pair of NS10M, and a matching power amp. I am going to use them in my home studio. I would like to hear any reccomandations for any specific models from NS10M users.
  2. vividsonics

    vividsonics Guest

    I've been using a Hafler P1500 for many years with my NS10's
  3. ErikFlipside

    ErikFlipside Guest

    I recall several instances of people using the Samson Servo amps...or maybe it was only one person saying it serveral times. In any case, are these decent amps? What is the recommended amp wattage? I know the NS-10 is 60W RMS, but people have hooked up 500W to NS-10s. Seems excessive...I would think 100-150W would be all that's needed.
  4. ShellTones

    ShellTones Guest

    You can pick up the Hafler TA1600 (75w channel) new for $150. I'd buy that before I'd buy a Samson.
  5. rubberlugs

    rubberlugs Guest

    There's a famous combo with NS10s and some Studer, I forget the model number. Not to everyones taste though as it really PINS that sound up there. Sounds really tough.
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