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  1. I'm trying to record live stuff, and I'm pluggin my laptop inito the same place ans the board(Yamaha o2R96...it's awesome) and I'm using a home version of Sound Forge(it sucks. I want the full version). I'm using an RCA to 1/8" cable to the input on my Dell Inspiron 8200. For some reason, I still am getting a buzz from the power. Does anyone know how I can record without getting the buzz other than just unplugging the laptop and running off battery power?
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    replace power supply

    I have an Inspiron 5150 and it started the same thing. The only difference was i could physically hear the power box(in line with the power cable/supply) making a buzzing noise. Called up Dell and they sent me a new one. Apparantly their power supplies are garbage. Since they replaced it and the power cable, the noise has disappeared. if you dont have the warranty, go to http://www.tigerdirect.com and get a replacement one, their quite cheap.
  3. Are you sure you dont mean that you have a Dell Dimension? It's kinda hard to get and replace the power supply for a laptop. You mainly guet a new cord. I've also checked into getting the Echo Audio Indigo IO to fix this.
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    It sounds like you have a ground loop problem, or the sound of the eletricity (60/50 htz) gettng into the audio. One thing to check for is to be sure the electric cable is pluged in right- most new cables are polerized with one side of the ac prongs sligtly larger than the other side. If their is a 3rd middle prong that is broken off or circumvented it is possible to plug them in the wrong way, which sometimes results in the ground/shield side of the a.c. being tied wrong. Sometimes this can cause this problem.

    Good luck.
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    I use to also get this type of noise when I used a RCA to 1/8" cable coupled to a sound blaster audio card some years ago. Apparently this type of connection is'nt as reliable as a 1/4" balanced or XLR style connector. I suspect it to be linked to how well the cable is insulated and its ability to reject RF or EMI. I've been a faithful Echo user (20bit & 24bit Layla's) for about 4 years now and do believe the Indigo interface will serve you best for superior sound quality.

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