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    what is up. this is dynasty. i am using a digidesign pro tools mbox 2 pro. i have a recording studio set up in my home. i am running a mixing board with 12 tracks. the pro tools has pre amps and so does the mixing board. i would like to have more inputs instead of just swaping each instrument out and then plugging another in. would it be ok just to run the mbox 2 pro into the mixing board or is the quality of recording not good to run a pre amp into a pre amp?
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    Run the main L-R outputs of the mixer into the two line inputs of the Mbox 2 Pro (not the combo or the instrument inputs). This will enable you to mix and pan several inputs down to a stereo pair, and then record that along with two other sources taken directly into the Mbox.

    As for quality, it depends. With a reasonable mixer, your audio quality is going to be limited anyway by the Mbox.
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    thanks for the info. i will check it out and try it that way and let you know what happens.

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