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    Greetings all. I was in the DUC forum when I came across this.

    Upgrading Sound System
    One of the most common questions on the DUC is about adding external preamps and AD/DA converters. This section is for clearing up any confusion about adding external preamps and converters. The Digi 001 pres/converters are good for the money and home recording hobbyist, but to get to a pro level sound I suggest you upgrade them both. This will also add to the number of I/O you can use up to 18. You can bypass the Digi converter by using an external AD/DA converter via SPDIF or ADAT lightpipe. So your prechain would look like this:
    Mic>Preamp>Converter>SPDIF or ADAT Lightpipe>Digi 001 or 002 I/O box>PTLE
    Some preamps also come with converters built in.

    I am using the 002 and was just getting ready to buy the toft atc-2 channel strip along with the rode k2. My question is will i also have to buy a converter? And if so what is the converter for? And what is the SPDIF or ADAT Lightpipe for?
    I thank you greatly for any replies!!!!!
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    Sep 24, 2004
    Nope. The 002 has 8 a/d d/a converters built-in.
    The only reason you would have to buy converters is: need more than 8 inputs/outputs at a time
    2. You are not happy with the quality of the 002 converters.


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