Pre mastering bus compression for previewing?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by jmm22, Dec 19, 2010.

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    I wanted to hear how my mix might sound after mastering, so I listened to it with a mastering plug in. I liked the sound. It was quite different than if I just turn the levels up.

    I am curious, do mix engineers do any temporary pre mastering, to get a feel of how the song might sound after mastering?
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    "mastering" compression is still the same compression. You just dial in your settings on the piece of gear you like (or plugin). I compress individual tracks based upon what they are. I will lightly compress a 2-bus master to bring it up my RMS mean to around -15 to -18dBV. After that it depends on what the music actually is and what the intent of the client becomes.
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    On the occasion that I'm mixing, I have a tendency to smash the [SELF-CENSORED] out of the 2-bus to see if anything catches my ear in an odd way. Can be very revealing in some cases (and avoids a surprise or two when I send it off to the mastering facility).
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    LOL... I guess most do tweak the sound after the mix was taped or rendered, just to see if it holds...
    Like shopping with a Ferrari.. You drive fuel-safing, but just before you arrive, you just need to push it for a few meters...
    Nothing wrong with squeezing the mix and listen to it... as long as you keep your fingers of the version you deliver to us...

    If the mixing guy knows what he is looking or listening for, he can obtain good info about his mix, too, for final corrections.
    He just needs to cool down, afterwards, and come back to where he was. A few years ago we had this flood of Vitalizers and exciters.
    The danger always was to get used (hooked) to that fat, huge sound and feel kinda lost with the real world sound when switching them off again.
    We have taken all exciters out of the racks for that reason...
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    Well, this sounds always strange to me. It depends if compression will be applied at the Mastering stage, and if it is the case, what type of compressor, what settings, what make up gain if any. Same for EQ. I think it is not representative to what it might sound at all but that is just me...


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