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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Janecorec, Oct 7, 2003.

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    I recently had the TLAudio 5051 Ivory II mic pre/EQ/compressor borrowed, i really liked it but i thought i would hear someone else's thoughts about it and what else in it's price range would be considerable compared to the 5051.

    I looked a little at the VoiceMaster Pro and the DBX 3** one channel pre. What else are found in this category? TFPro?

    The price is 1000€ and under (for one channel/mono)

  2. AudioGaff

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    Feb 23, 2001
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    After this Friday, there should be a few new items released at the AES show that will soon be available. In your range, I know of the new revamped Joe Meek and new Toft Audio stuff. I have a Joe Meek VC1Qcs that I got in a trade deal for some work that I did, and that sucker is pretty impressive for a budget box. Worth a look and listen for sure. Look for them used as they are now gone and repacked in the TFPro line.
  3. Richard Monroe

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    Jun 24, 2003
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    What you need for a pre depends a lot on what you are recording, and what sound you need. Generally, I kind of lump pres into clean and colored categories, even though I know that is a gross oversimplification of the sonic qualities of different pres.
    If you want something that's pretty transparent, I like Grace 101. The Toft ATC-2 I have not gotten to audition, but it seems to be a lot like the Grace, but in dual channel strip format, with lots of bells and whistles.For a little more color the single channel Great River pre is lovely.
    I have to agree with Audiogaff on the Joemeek. I use a twinQcs, which is basically 2 VC1Qcs's. It's not clean, it's not that versatile, but it does what it does, which is create shades of one very useful and distinctive sound. I just finished 8 months of tracking, with overdubs by 3 other vocalists, and even with an Avalon AD2022 in the rack, a third of the lead vocals and more than half of the backing vocals ended up going through the green machine.-Richie
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