preamp and low level signal in line-in of Echo Indigo PCMCIA

Discussion in 'Computing' started by yao, Dec 5, 2004.

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  1. yao

    yao Guest


    I am trying to record from tape unamped line-out of tape deck into notebook computer (t40) using unamped line-in of ECHO INDIGO IO PCMCIA sound card. The signal is too low (-30db max). Recording works very fine with other cards like M-audio (but I really do not like USB interface for getting so easy interrupted) which most probably amplify the signal even though they do not mention so.

    Can someone please let me know whether is there some simple preamp that can be used to amplify the signal from line-out of tape deck to the level acceptable by unamped line-in Echo Indigo Soundcard?

    Can I use preamp like Audio Buddy from M-Audio which only has guitar and microphone amps?
    I cant find any other preamps being sold except Mic, Guitar and Turntable preamps.

    Thank you for advice


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