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  1. one day I'll get a preamp but right now it's just the mbox and I'm thinking about rerecording my songs and I'm wondering if I'll have to rerecord my drum tracks because they're done in REASON 4.0

    so if the drums are a MIDI track originally and then sampled REASON drums would a preamp have any effect on it?
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    Sep 26, 2005
    Can I call you Stupid? Or should I refer to you as Mr. ugly?

    You indicate that one day you'll get a preamp? Excuse me but I believe you'll find that the Mbox already has a quality microphone preamp? In fact, if it's the original M-box? You probably have a better preamp made by Focusright? All you need is a SM58 to record quality vocals & instruments. Forget about cheap condenser microphones. Not necessary. SM57 & 58 are fabulous sounding microphones for just about everything & anything.

    You might need to export your drum tracks from REASON to recorded .wav files? Then you could import them into another software for manipulation & mixing. So you don't necessarily need to rerecord as you do postproduction during the mixing process, exporting, sub mixing, etc.. If they are good tracks, why should you lose them?

    Once you figure this out, you'll quickly be known as hey there Mr. Smart & good-lookin'.

    Good & beautiful. Beautiful & good at 53
    Ms. Remy Ann David
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    No shame in livin' up to your name :)

    'Course, I'd look into another name!
  4. you can call me Stu

    it's the mbox2. Somethings missing though: I listen to my songs on myspace and then the pros songs on myspace and I just don't sound good and it's not the chords or instruments - those sound cool to me but the quality of the whole song is just not there.

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