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  1. I'm going to go on a one to two month long research project into preamps, and then I'll buy one. I don't want the cheapos and I won't ride the bus because I sold my car for one. I'm looking at these 8 channel ones and I think, my two channels on my mbox2 is almost one channel too many. I do everything in layers cuz it's just me. So can you stear me in the direction of one or two channels?

    I also don't want extras and it's vocals that I care about;not drums, guitar or what not. I've been looking at these: UA Solo/610; Focusrite Platinum Voicemaster;Joe Meek ONe Q; Grace 101; FMR RNP

    I want to use it with a baby bottle and sm7 for reggae,hip hop and rock, mostly
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    Only the UA and Grace are in a worthy league.
    Check out the ISA solo pre - might be worth it.

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