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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by luke404, Apr 20, 2006.

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    A rather simple sound card(In the 100 to 200 dollar range?) and a tiny mixer, like the Spirit "Folio" or a small Mackie may be fine? The "pre's" in such things are quite good(Not great, but you'd have to have a great mic, speakers and a pretty fair room to hear the difference in the pre's.). It would be a fine, simple "rig", very flexible, do 2 channel very well and you'd have nice jacks for your speakers and phones...

    Something like the Lynx L-22, though higher priced, would be a wonderful sound card and when you do "up" your pre's, room, speakers, etc., the Lynx could STILL be all you need in a sound card..? At least you'd have one piece of genuinely pro gear - the most important part - and it would be a great "base" for your expanding system...

    Yeah, an L22, a little Mackie analog mixer, a Pair of Yamaha MSP5A's, a set of nice Beyer phones, you'd be rolllin'! Whole shebang, cables and all, even some "home center" room treatment matierial, for around 2 grand... Lots of people make a living with such "systems"... like me......

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    you dont need 192 khz resolution, save yourself some cash and get the 2496. Its a popular "starter" card.
    Also it's really not a good idea to purchase gear based on re-sale value as you could be excluding some things that may work great for you.
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    Software, mixer, soundcard and everything else brand, model and price.

    I can't help you. I don't know what you want to do?

    I can get you started, though...

    1. Pick your software. Your software IS your system! Make sure your computer can handle it... If not, "fix" your computer before moving to step...

    2. Pick your sound card/interface... This is the "audio" base of your system. Make sure it works with your computer and your software and the things you want to connect it too, then move to step...

    3. Pick your input and output devices. Mics, preamps(If you just get preamps, where do you plug-in your headphones? You've got to think of these things... first you've got to know they're there to think about???!!!), mixers, speakers, headphones, this sort of thing.

    And, of course, you notice that everything is intertwined... I have to "know" the entire system before I can pick any single thing out of the catalog..! YOU must be "the architect", everything from toilet paper holders to air conditioners to door jams, to the "other stuff" that will be in your building(And out of it!), including absolutely everything! Tough job!

    It's difficult picking out this stuff, especially with everyone telling you this is what you need or that is what you must have... Really, you have to be the judge and with little experience(Preferably attained at some other person or studio's expense! I had 30+ years of it before I took the plunge on my own.), it's real tough.

    Can it be done? The stuff I bought 5 years ago and everything I've bought since has all nicely interfaced, with "0" problems based on any bad purchases(I made no "bad" purchase - some I wasn't entirely happy with, but I knew that going in.)... My stuff ain't great as I wish it was, but it does the jobs I do well enough to sell with confidence. Harder yet? You have a good system and now you want to upgrade. How to pick things that will make a real improvement? Almost nothing will... except maybe ego-wise(Which counts!)...Now that's tough!

    Maybe typing out what you want to do and how you think you want to do it, here, on the forum, would help? At least maybe get something down to look at..? The rest of us might be able to chime-in with better comments, and you might be able to more intelligently peruse those catalogs..?

    Other than that, I stand by my previous suggestions. I just don't know which Mackie is right for you? Sorry...

    Keep it up!


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