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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by calla, Feb 16, 2006.

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    hiya. i've got cubase sx 3 with a delta 1010. i've just got a behringer ada8000 and have connected to the soundcard, and although the signal is going into the preamp, nothing is now reaching the soundcard. is there something i'm supposed to do? if i connect the mic via xlr-jack straight into the soundcard a signal gets there fine (albeit obviously very quiet) so i know for definate the soundcard is fine. it's just the inclusion of the preamp which have buggered things up. any help would be good, cheers

    can anyone help?
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    You've established that the soundcard is receiving a signal. Now you have to figure out if the preamp is putting out a signal. Here's a quick list of trouble shooting steps.

    1) Is it plugged in? (sorry, I couldn't help myself)

    2) Try swapping a couple of patch cords to make sure that's not your problem.

    3) Without a mic plugged in turn up the gain on each channel and see if you can hear any hiss from your monitors.

    4) Plug a mic into at least three different preamp channels and see if you get anything out of any of them. Obviously, turn up the gain all the way. Try a couple different mics to make sure you are using a good mic.

    5) Make sure that you've engaged the phantom power if you are using a condenser mic.

    6) I believe that pre has instrument inputs. Plug a guitar or bass into one or more of the 1/4" jacks and see if you get a signal.

    6) If you still don't get a signal you'll need to find another preamp or mixer to plug into your Delta to see if that works. If the other pre or mixer will get signal to your card then the Behringer pre must be the problem. It could be defective.
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    Nov 13, 2001
    how have you got the ADA80000 connected to the 1010 ?

    many people use the ADA80000 to expand their inputs via the LightPipe connection.

    Use two Lightpipes
    ADA - output to input - host
    host - output to input - ADA

    An ADAT LightPipe output has the RED glow and this must go into the DARK input connection
    use the second link so the ADA80000 can achase the audio clock of the host computer
    this also means the ADA80000 can be used as additional analog outputs from the host system

    does the 1010 have the LightPipe to and from connections ?

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