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  1. mcasci2

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    I am recording with a begringer mixer, boss br 532 (i know it sucks), and then going to my computer through the digital out

    I am getting good sound if commercial is a 10 im at an 8

    Now the problem - im not using ANY preamps and they needed?!
    How much better will they sound and where would i put them in my set up thank in advance
  2. Kurt Foster

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    Jul 2, 2002
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    If you ran the pres directly into your computer / daw, the quality should be as good as it can get, depending on how good the pres are..
  3. djui5

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    You are using pre-amp's...there's pre's in the beringher.....

    If you want to get outboard pre's that would be great...but I'd recommend getting pre's with digital outputs to you can bypass that board...
  4. dont ever under estimate the BR-532, i use it in my studio and i love it, you should check out some of the nice stuff ive made on it i love that thing.

    ... andy
  5. by the way you all spelled Behringer wrong :)
  6. mcasci2

    mcasci2 Guest


    dude sorry for typo

    anyway if you have a link i would really like to hear what kind of quality your getting.

    Im getting pretty nice results so far
  7. mmkay, im not sure that it will work tho. I havent really been getting feed back on the songs ive been making, although it might be my link.

    that link should work if you right click then go down to save target as to save it to you computer and then listen.

    if it doesnt work let me know i would like to show you some stuff, i have been recording with it for a while so i have have alot of sutff going on with it.

    here is another song and link you can try

    tell me is sucks now, hehe

    ..... Andy
  8. a good thing to have when your using a BR-532 is a roland .wav converter and a smart media card reader.

    the .wav converter is available on rolands website which owns boss. the link is:

    and there you can download the program.

    you can use the reader on your pc and the .wav converter in conjunction to convert the br-532's tracks to .wav files and then use the wav files in a conventional digital multitrack software program. this will give you the flexibility to mix the song separate from the BR-532. you can use the .wav files in any multitrack software out there that will support .wav files. the program will also convert its virutal tracks allowing you to use all tracks separately with out worrying about only hearing the four up front tracks, and allowing you to convert every track and to listen to them back on your pc.

    converting each as a separate track will allow you to master each track and then mix down to stereo and master the whole song for optimal mix's and recording satisfaction.

    so really recording with the BR-532 isnt that bad. I use cool edit pro 2.0 to paste all the .wav files in and i use it to master as well. all together it works great.

    if you have any questions id be happy to answer them cuase I love this thing.

    ...... Andy

    p.s. i had alittle behringer once with my BR-532 and it worked out great. I was able to make this song that was later aired on the radio.
  9. mcasci2

    mcasci2 Guest

    im using like the mx2882 or something like that so i have like 24 lines and i been putting them on my computer through a digital sound card into sound forge and mixing down and mastering that way. so would the boss program be of any help? i've tried downloading it with no luck. also i have a stupid question, if i download pro tools off the internet could i go from mixer to sound card to protools to seperate all my drum tracks? or is this not possible?

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