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    I know this is general, but, is there a preferred cd-r (drive,format) to give to clients/replicators as master, in general. i talked to a guy who said it should be a data disc with the most basic version of binary code. The band could've gone to a professional mastering house, of which a few i recommended, as well as some other more established local engineers. But i lightly mastered the e.p in tracks in a couple project studios. Ailments aside, i really don't know what the most efficient delivery to replicator is common. guess i should talk to them, but, for the future, i'd be interested in what formats/particular disc is expected to be delivered by engineers.
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    Ultimate: DDP

    Fine: RED BOOK COMPLIANT Audio CD (I can't begin to tell you how many people don't quite get this and if you aren't absolutely 100 percent certain that you're writing a documented and compliant disc, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES send it to the replication house).

    If you aren't positive and the plant will accept them:

    It happens: Individual PCM files. Tails included, heads as you want them (typically, somewhere in the 10-15 frames before the first purposeful oscillation - or longer).

    Oh, I could tell you stories about bands having "rip 2,000 CD's out of their cases" parties because of improperly formatted discs and the like...

    Particular discs? Almost any quality Japanese disc (Tayio / JVC, Maxell, Sony, Verbatim - the "better" ones) on a quality drive (the defacto standard would be Plextor Premium / 712 / 716 / 755's but those are getting very hard to come by these days). The plant will check the BLER before replication - but they don't always check for full compliancy (and they're not responsible for the finished discs if the master wasn't compliant).
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