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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by bradz, Mar 16, 2002.

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    Hey Folks,
    I posted this on the Iz forum, but my computer seems to display that forum wierd, so I'm cross posting. Sorry if that bugs anyone.

    I'm new here, and thinking about jumping off the ProTools (losing my religion?)and getting into a Radar 24. From everything I've read on various boards, the sound quality of the box is pretty much a slam dunk. When pricing out 24 channels of quality outboard I/O, this sounds like a pretty good deal already. Naturally, I have some questions.
    1. I hear people talking a lot about using a DAW for editing. How easy is it to do some of the following in the Radar?:
    -cut/copy/paste across mulitple tracks to modify arrangements.

    -select a region in a track and nudge it around in time (I'm not really interested in a grid, so that's not a factor. just a little tweaking of the feel of a track)

    -adjust the start and end points of a region, keeping the location in time constatnt (Trim tool in Pro Tools)

    2. In the event that a DAW is needed to do some of this (I have Logic Audio here for those duties if needed) what's the process for getting the tracks back and forth. TDIF? Ethernet? Drive Swap?

    3. Are the Kingston drive casings removeable drive bays, or housings for internal drives?

    4. How happy are folks with DVD-Ram as a backup solution? I'm currently using Travan tape, and while slow, it's pretty reliable.

    5. I've heard that virtual tracks (playlists in Pro Tools) are in developement. How soon can they be expected. I use them tons in creating comps and while writing lines for tunes, and feel they are a valuable creative tool. and a key feature for me. I know how people are creating submixes and laying o'dubs over the submix in a new session. That's a way out, but not my first choice by a longshot.

    6. How are upgrades handled? As a disgruntled Digi customer, you can probably guess my thoughts about how they've handled thier upgrade scenario. Having spent a large portion of my available cash on a Mix Plus rig eight months ago, I feel like I'm being strong armed to cough up another 6k to upgrade by the deadline, or face 15 to 20k if I can't make it by June 30. Niether of those are gonna happen. I'm thinking off selling off my whole rig, taking a 3-4k hit after the sale, and getting the Nyquist 96 Bundle.

    There's a great reputation around this product and the folks that make it, and investing in an honest quality centered company is now becoming more important than having an "Industry Standard" Aes-31 sounds like the solution, as we can use whatever platform we want, and have ease of interchange. 24 track tape is the standard file format for analog, and not everyone has to have the same tape machine to play one, so why should we all have to use the same digital recorder, right?

    I'm sure I'll think of some more questions, but these are the big ones.

    Thanks in advance!

    Brad Zeffren
    Silver Thread Productions
  2. Robin

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    There are some great replies on the iZ forum.

    Check it out!
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