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    Im still getting used to my new firepod and have been doing quite a bit of testing. So far the pres on the firepod dont cut it for me, i cant record a vocal track with enough volume without getting humming sounds. I tried an ART tube pre like this but a bit simpler. I gotta say i was really dissapointed, it made the sound a bit warmer but it had a hard time getting the sound up there without getting some humming. Im quite sure my cables are fine, im using 2 20 foot balanced xlr cables with neutrik connecters. NOt good enough???On that note, what is the norm for recording levels. i usually shoot for -6 db. So could anyone point me in the direction of a preamp i might need?? Im not worried about having a pre with many channels since i do mostly acoustic recording and when i do decide to do drums i think i will be more or less comfortable with the pres on the firepod. Thanks
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    You tried two different types of mic preamps and you got hum on both of them. That tells you it's not the preamp.

    What microphone are you using? What happens when you try other types of microphone? What sort of room are you recording in? Does the hum vary as you move the microphone around? Have you got a good earth (ground) connection to your recording gear?

    Time for some more experiments.
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    What is the nature of the hum? Does it sound like a background hum that the microphone is picking up or does it sound more like an electrical hum?

    Try this, connect the mic to the pre then into the computer and record.
    Now unplug the mic and record.
    Now unplug (or disable) the pre and record -if possible. Maybe change the input source to your soundcard.

    If all three tests give you the same hum, then it's definitely not the preamp.
    If test 1 gives you the hum, but test 2 doesn't, then try a different mic. If it continues it could be background noise, like an AC unit or something similar.
    If both tests 1 and 2 give you the hum, it may be a ground loop. Try plugging everything into the same outlet and see if that makes a difference.

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