Presonus Audiobox vs. Firebox

Discussion in 'Microphones & Recording' started by ORL, Jul 13, 2008.

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  1. ORL

    ORL Active Member

    Mar 20, 2005
    Hi, my band and I are looking to upgrade our recording set up. Can anyone help us decide between the audiobox and the firebox? I have used the firebox and I know it works well, but I have never used the audiobox and can't seem to find reviews for it anywhere. Our drummer is in desperate need of new heads and cymbals so it would be great if we can save some money by choosing the audiobox, though we can just barely afford the firebox. We play generally loud rock music, but nothing too crazy like metal or anything.

    Also, we have terrible PA feedback problems when we are jamming and I wonder if anybody can help us reduce the problem. Our jam space is (roughly) a 15x30 ft room and we're micing through a crappy Kustom PA. Are there some tips for generally reducing feedback?
  2. Greener

    Greener Guest

    One's USB and one's FIREWIRE.

    To stop feedback don't let the signal from your mic get back into the mic.

    Mics point one way <---- speakers the other ---->.

    Also more gain on the amp side of things and less on the pre-amp usually fixes it (DISCUSS!!!!) :p
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