Presonus Firebox, Cubase Le, iBook POPS & CRACKLES...hel

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Loconzly, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. Loconzly

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    Here's the gear: Mac iBook 1.33 Ghz laptop with 1.25 gb RAM, running OS X 10.3.9. Presonus Firebox with Cubase Le Ve 1.0.7.

    the quick rundown: I plugged a guitar in, recorded about 2 minutes of audio, sounds fine. Then I inserted a drum loop and repeated it to the same amount of time. Sounds fine.

    Then I inserted reverb on the drums, and some overdrive on the guitar. It starts to crackle and pop a little. I play back the audio again and within about two or three minutes, there is more crackle and pop than there is audio.

    Presonus' website is about as helpful as glasses on a bat. There is NOTHING for information. My blue sync light is on. I try changing buffer and the sound is still a mess.

    Did I do something wrong or is there a setting I am overlooking? Help!
  2. poprocks

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    Make sure your sample rates are the same all around, in Cubase and for the hardware. Usually crackles and pops mean the computer can't hack what you're asking it to do. Is the iBook up to the task? Get rid of ask many background processes as possible. Turn off any virus software, etc. Are you recording audio to your system drive? Using an external firewire drive for your audio helps a lot.
  3. reggaeeric

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    My firebox does the same thing. Here is what I found helps...

    Make sure nothing is running like mail programs, Anti Virus, Itunes, etc. I also loaded the latest version of the cubase software and drivers. I can usually get 3 tracks as long as I do not put in effects.

    It could be a limitation with my PC... I have a gig of PC 2700 memory... my PC will take PC3200 (DDR 400)

    Once it start popping starts I save and reboot and start over.

    I think it is a Cubase issue and not a Firebox issue. I am going to try ProTools or Reason to verify this. If it contiunes I am gointo return the firebox for something else or a replacement.

    That is my 2 cents
  4. reggaeeric

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    An update...

    I just loaded a full version of Cubase SX and deleted LE. I have recorded about 4 tracks with effects and they are perfect. No pops or crackles...

    Maybe it is a ploy to get us to buy the SX version... lol

    I post if something goes fubar
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    Disabling Wireless Worked for Me

    Hi, I see that your problem was solved. This is more meant for those others that stumble across this site and post (like I did - Google search).

    I took poprock's advice and turned off background programs and in doing so also turned off my wireless. Bingo - that was it. I am running a PreSonus Inspire (Firewire) and didn't know if it was the mic, the mic cable, the firewire cable, the box, or what.

    I guess when the wireless communicated with its antena or something it adds a little crackle to the firewire side of the house.

    Thanks for the inspiration to solve this.

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