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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by davewike, May 3, 2005.

  1. davewike

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    this is kind of changing the subject, but now that you guys have made it clear that it's totally wrong going from the Sebatron into a mixer (basically another pre) and that totally makes sense, I wonder if I've made another mistake on a recent purchase...

    I bought a PreSonus Firebox to go direct into my powerbook G4, but those have pre's in them, right? How else can I go direct into my computer and avoid any pre's (besides my Sebatron)... is there something like the FireBox that is completely unpowered? Or is the Firebox going to work out for me ok?

  2. inLoco

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    Jul 25, 2004
    motu 828 mkII for example has 2 pres and 8 line ins and 8 adat and the 2 pres can have line signal!

    doesn't the firepod work this way too? line and pre signal?
  3. davewike

    davewike Guest

    for some reason I was convinced I had to use the sebatron's XLR outs which would force me to use the firebox's Mic pre's, but I can just leave the TRS outs of the Sebatron and go into the Firebox's 2 TRS in's...

    I panicked for nothing. Thanks for bringing me back to reality. They say there are no stupid questions, but I think I just pushed the limit on that one!
  4. JBsound

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    Even if it had XLR outputs only, you could still get a cable that went from XLR to TRS.
  5. davewike

    davewike Guest

    hey, i already admitted to asking a stupid question, now be nice. :p

    yeah, I did think of that, too. My original fear was that the firebox didn't have any channels that weren't pre'd, but I'm set with the 2 TRS in's.
  6. JBsound

    JBsound Guest

    Dave, sorry if it came across wrong :roll:

    I've asked a ton of questions worse than that!
  7. Antho

    Antho Guest

    hey jb was being nice ! He was merely offering a very viable alternative.
  8. davewike

    davewike Guest

    oh gosh, I was just kidding.... that's why I put the smiley face... I was just making a joke at how I hadn't thought of the obvious solution again, and he was helping me realize that. :lol:

    sorry for the misunderstanding. (I've been out of town for a week, I would have cleared that up long ago.)

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