Presonus Firepod vs. MOTU 896 HD

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by the_gid, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. the_gid

    the_gid Guest

    What's the general consensus??

    I'm looking at the possibility of selling my firepod and getting a MOTU 896HD

    What are the pre's like on the MOTU?? better than the firepod?

    The MOTU seems to have more/better features than the firepod.

    The price is not a massive issue... but obviously i want to know that the extra £300 is going towards worthy improvement.

    The Gidster
  2. AcousTronic

    AcousTronic Guest

    I initially looked at the FirePod but went with the 896HD. I wish I could remember all the reasons I stepped up, but frankly I don't hang on to that info once I make a decision.

    Get the 896 if you can afford it, you won't be sorry!! I don't even know what latency is anymore!!

    One thing I do remember when I was in the market, is that I went to the MOTU forum to see what users had to say about them... The forum was full of people confused about the Travelers, and 828MkII's, but very few asking about the 896HD, which told me that those people were busy using them, not getting frustrated by them. Know that I own one, I haven't been back to that forum since... This thing is like an answer to my prayers.

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