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Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by Nubian, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. Nubian

    Nubian Guest

    I am thinking of buying the Presonus Firepod. All I want to do is basic recording of demo's on guitar with vocals and hopefully record my band. Anyone have the pro's and con's on this unit?

    Thanks for the help.
  2. Kswiss

    Kswiss Guest

    I bought one and took it back....because you can't hook two of them together.... i'm sure at some point you will be able too and then they'd be pretty sweet. I like that you can control your monitors from the unit, as well as headphone out and cue mix.... It seemed like it was built solidly enough, and it took about 5 minutes from the time it was in the box til it was ready to use.... i just needed more than 8 inputs and its kinda worthless to me if i couldn't upgrade....

  3. Midlandmorgan

    Midlandmorgan Active Member

    Jul 21, 2002
    Bought one, and absoutely love it...technically its a 10-10 I/O...I'm trying to locate something that will simply turn analog to SPDIF for the additonal 2 mic inputs...

    First tip - don't even bother with the Cubase LE...trash it
    Second tip - understand that when (not if) the stackable software is released, you will essentially have an 16 in 16 out analog, 4 in by 4 out digital monster...

    Pres sound superb...very clean and pristine...install was a software issues at all..

    I use it both in the main studio and on like a champion...

    If money is no object, take a look at the RME FireWire800...if money is a factor, don't even blink: just get the Firepod...

    For an example of how well it works, click on my website,, artists/musicpage, and play Sedonus One...
  4. Kswiss

    Kswiss Guest

    agreed....i don't want to seem negative about the unit....i just needed more than 8 inputs right then.....besides that it was fine and i wish i could've kept it....

  5. itchy

    itchy Guest

    from the sound of it, presonus dropped the mlan protocol for the firepod. If so, good on them for it.

    So how are they stacking together then? Still via firewire?
  6. Midlandmorgan

    Midlandmorgan Active Member

    Jul 21, 2002
    Please note they are not stackable yet...this feature will be forthcoming in a software upgrade (I've asked tech support, and they don't have an exact release date...they advised to check their site once in a while...)

    From my understanding, it will be a FW connection between the two units...
  7. Nubian

    Nubian Guest

    Thanks for the help and opinions about your experience. I just want to have something that is functional and not a big headache.
    I will probably get this and try it for myself.
  8. Antho

    Antho Guest

    For what you want it would be more than fine...particularly as you've mentioned Demo quality. It will record beyond mere demo quality :) & I can't imagine you needing more I/O simultaneously unless you had a full band happening 'at once' as in 16 to 24 tracks.. .but even saying this I can record a decent band recording live with 8 tracks, it's just always nice to have more.

    re: the dual pod option...I've been long in contact with Mark at Presonus...and they have dual pod drivers. They are really in Beta stage though. Perhaps some of you guys could email them as they want beta testers it seems.

    I wouldn't personally be willing to shell out for two pods only to find they didn't work together! But if someone had bought two...they would be an ideal candidate.

    I'd stick to one and see how it goes.

    Firepod has good converters in it...AKM model's that are middle to upper range.

    The RME Fireface has pretty much the top notchest AKM converters one can obtain! But I've read of quite a lot of issues re: the Firefaces audio clicking an popping, among other glitches. This seems to be largely depending on your hardware config and the drivers they currently have active.

    I'm grabbing a pod at this stage until the Fireface drivers mature somewhat...or until I can find a cheap Multiface. From what I've heard and seen (have seen pod in action, plus heard many songs done thru it) it is a winner..

    Also, it has report after report on its reliability which is solid, and its ease of use which is ideal for many people. Even though I can operate very complex gear,, I'm still an ease of use junky :lol:
  9. Nubian

    Nubian Guest

    Thanks for the input Antho. I am going to buy this unit this weekend. I am new to the world of computer recording and "ease of use" is a priority.
  10. Fooldog01

    Fooldog01 Guest

    I absolutely love my Firepod. I have used a couple of other interfaces (Delta 66, 44, Protools LE/HD) but the firepod is the best to me. I was thouroughly underwhelmed by Protools LE and HD. Effective but pricey and exclusive. As far as native systems go, the delta cards were limiting on the input side. Firpod is excellent. Not a single complaint. 8 usable pres and solid interface. I use it with Sonar 3 very happily.
  11. treysmith

    treysmith Guest

    I'm actually debating over this or the Tascam FW 1082:

    Also an option would be to save a little more for the expandable Tascam 1884:

    I was looking for a new interface (have a Firewire410 now) and a MIDI Inteface when I saw this Tascam in a Full Compass AD.

    Anyone have comments on the sound quality of the Tascam compared to the Presonus?


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