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  1. melo

    melo Guest

    How good are the mic pres in the digimax lt? is it worth the money? if not what would you suggest getting to run with protools for around the same price range? You guys rock with all the help you guys give thanks for the info it helps out alot!!!
  2. Snatchman

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    Hi melo , this is my first post here! For what's it worth, I have the Digi-max LT and I think it's a decent pre, considering what you get with them for the price! 8 channels of pre's, 8 channels converters ,and word clock in/out. It's not really "high-end", but it definitely gets the job done.( IMO) Hope this helps! :cool: Thanks for your time and ears!
  3. melo

    melo Guest

    Thanks for the info it helps out a lot snatchman

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