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  1. grillwrecka

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    Anyone used the Presonus TubePre? I hear that it is a decent little pre for those on an extremely low budget, especially considering the fact that it is so easy to change the tube for a little more variety. I know it's no Avalon, but it IS cheap and worth looking into for my particular situation.

    Now this leaves the question of what manufacturer(s) make really nice 12AX7s?

    For that matter, what about the Presonus BlueTube?

    Any other alternatives in this price range? ART?

  2. pr0gr4m

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    Feb 9, 2005
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    The Art TPS 2 is a fun unit. I use it for keyboards and it's got a bunch of different settings that are for different sources. I just use whichever one sounds neat.
  3. Jeremy

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    Aug 9, 2005
    From LV but Army brought me to TN
    I own the Presonus tube pre, and blue tube, and both are very decent for the cash. I have heard some good stuff about the art's too. I used electro harmonix tubes, and really like those.
  4. tallrd

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    Tube Pre is a great little box, and I'd recommend that over ART products in this price range. I've had a fairly high rate of problems and just sub-par performance with the ART pre's at the $200 and under price point whereas I've heard nothing but great things on that Tube-Pre. The only downside is that it uses an external power supply, but as long as you aren't putting it directly next to unshielded cable, it will sound *way* better than a $99 pre should.

    I hope this helps :)
  5. Markd102

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    Apr 24, 2001
    I've always found Presonus's half-rack units in particular to be very noisy.
    But that could be a problem with the 240v transformers they give us to use here down under.
  6. BobRogers

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    Apr 4, 2006
    Blacksburg, VA
    I have a Blue Tube in my keyboard rack for my Nord Electro. The Electro has a low output and a built in overdrive that I find too harsh. The Blue tube attacks both problems nicely. I'd rather have a Speakeasy preamp, but it's 4-5 times the price, and I have other priorities for the cash.

    The BlueTube has a few idosyncracies (the pad works on the xlr input, but not the trs??) but I have not had any problems with reliability in the 3 months I have had it. I have not played with switching the tube out. Since it's in my keyboard rack I have not tried it as a mic preamp.

    If you have a use for it as an instrument preamp if it doesn't work out as a mic preamp, I'd give it a go.
  7. grillwrecka

    grillwrecka Guest

    Schweet! Thanks guys, I actually do have a use for it as an instrument pre. I have been wanting something like that for my Roland JX-3P.


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