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    A New High In Lo-Fi

    Flagg Audio’s new offering is designed to give singers that vintage, distorted tone on stage and in studio without all the feedback.
    Introducing the FLAGG MIC from Flagg Audio. This is a boutique specialty microphone built from a vandal-proof payphone receiver for use on stage and in studio.

    The Flagg Mic gives you that authentic lo-fi, vintage, distorted, narrowband, old-radio tone you hear in all genres of contemporary music today while sidestepping the headaches of feedback and bleed generally associated with such an effect. From eccentric indie to pop sensibility your Flagg Mic adds character and dynamics that will keep your audience's attention. If you're looking to stand out on stage or impress your studio's clientele you'll love having the Flagg Mic in your arsenal.

    ATTENTION GETTING This is a weapons-grade attention-seeking missile. If the visuals alone don’t snap heads, just try singing into it. FLAGG MIC adds dynamics and character to your live songs. This translates into getting noticed and staying remembered. Add this to an otherwise positive response and you’ve got yourself fans.

    NO FEEDBACK An extremely tight pickup pattern rejects even the most remotely off-access sounds which allows you to get that great vintage tone without feedback and without unintentionally coloring other sounds on stage with you. Even in less-than-ideal rooms at less-than-prudent volumes you’ll still be able to cut through the mix without breaking glass.

    NO HASSLES Your FLAGG MIC requires no learning curve, no extra gear to lug around, and no consideration of any kind. It’s fits into a standard mic clip, doesn’t require phantom power, and will work anywhere you’d use a traditional mic. You’ve got enough to worry about on stage. Consider the FLAGG MIC a well-deserved given.

    OVER-BUILT With a flame retardant ABS case , Teflon-coated wires, armored steel, pierce-proof mic elements, and heavy duty Neutrik XLR plugs, your FLAGG MIC is going to hold up to even the most harsh treatment. Every detail on this mic has been selected for extreme durability. Even the FLAGG logo on it has a 20 year shelf-life outdoors.

    From stage to studio, broadcast to podcast, your FLAGG MIC is the solution to getting lo-fi tone in a high quality package. FLAGG MICS are available in three colors from Free shipping available worldwide.

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