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    Like many others, I want to achieve the least amount of latency etc., using a USB sound interface.

    My computer has various USB ports/controllers. 2 x USB2 - 2 x USB3 - 2 x USB3 front.

    I believe someone said it is best to keep the sound interface on it's own separate USB controller/channel on the computer, to prevent latency/interferences.
    In other words, not sharing the sound interface USB lane with other peripherals.

    Is this still advisable today?

    And, could I buy an extra USB i/o card to get another separate USB lane?
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    Interfacing via USB is not the best way of minimising latency. Direct PCI/PCIe will always give lower latency, and even FireWire on a PCIe card will give lower latency than USB, even if the transfer rates are lower. Having said that, a motherboard that has USB3 capability will probably give you sub-millisecond latencies, but try to avoid having other peripherals on USB ports sharing the same controller channel.
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    Also, audio latency as a lot more to do with drivers and buffer adjustments and software that runs in the background (antivirus etc..)
  4. ohm-ish

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    pcrecord: Yeah I'm trying to optimize every bit I can, incl. those things.
    Boswell: PCI card.. hm I actually thought that was history in favor of usb/firewire. Must check up on it. I remember RME cards
  5. ohm-ish

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    Ok, looking at the total price for a PCI solution far exceeds my budget.
    So I'll stick with USB for now, and just optimize it best I can

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