Preventing track bleeding in Cakewalk

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by VxVxV, Dec 4, 2004.

  1. VxVxV

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    Cakewalk Home Studio 2

    I imported an mp3 file of music to track 1.

    I recorded vocals on track 2 with a microphone.

    When playing back and listening to track 2 by itself, (with the mp3 music from track 1 muted); there is the presence of the mp3 music from track 1 mixed in with the vocals on track 2.

    When recording, what do I have to do to create separation between tracks?

    (The sound card is a Santa Cruz by Turtle Beach which is a full duplex card.)

  2. Two things come to mind, both fairly basic:

    - Are you monitoring through your speakers when recording? If you are - get yourself a pair of headphones and the bleeding will go away. (Most of it, at least.)

    - If you already use headphones it's probably a routing setting in your soundcard software. Is audio out being routed back to audio in? Cheaper soundcards sometimes do these things.
  3. VxVxV

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    I am using cupped headphones- its not from that...

    I muted/umuted all of the items in the control panel of the sound card software (line in, aux, microphone, etc.) and tried differrent combinations...

    Is there a way I can not "route the audio back to audio in"?

    P.S. I am using a Behringer mixer:
    ..Line-out on card to L/R tape-ins on mixer
    ..L/R main outs on mixer to line-in on card
  4. This might be it. Is there a "2-Track to Mix"-button on your Behringer? If so, make sure it's turned off.
  5. VxVxV

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    Yes, thanks, that was part of the problem...

    Here are the settings so that there won't be any bleed when recording:

    Tape To Ctrl Room button = DOWN position
    Tape to Mix button = UP position

    Santa Cruz Control Panel:
    "MAIN" tab: select Line in (not "Stereo Mix")
    "Mixer" tab: mute microphone (all others ok)


    Thanks for your help.

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