printing plugs before analog summing

Discussion in 'Summing / Mastering consoles' started by araw, Jan 22, 2006.

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  1. araw

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    I'm thinking about taking my 24 track session ITB and printing my plugins, but leaving each of the 24 tracks separate, as well as leaving out panning info. Then sum the 24 tracks on an analog board (like a Euphonix CS3000 or a Neve)

    In a perfect world, I'd be able to hook up the analog board to my computer so I can adjust the plugins real-time. But I don't have the board at home nor the 24 DACs. Yes, I've thought about buying a summing box, but can't afford it now.

    So I'm wondering if anybody has printed digital tracks at home BEFORE summing analog elsewhere, and if they have any tips. I know each board, stereo bus, and DACs are going to sound different. But I suspect there are generalizations that can be made, I.E. "analog is more forgiving of transients than digital, so you don't need to compress as much."

    I'm not sure if this a good idea or not. (But I'm asking because I have tracked, mixed and summed on the Euphonix and love how it sounds) Any thoughts?



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